Aerus Vacuums for Sale & Repair Services near New Haven CT

Aerus Vacuums: Sales & Repair Services

We believe a special rug deserves a special vacuum.

We sell and service Aerus Electrolux Vacuums because we fell they are the best on the market. We have people come in, that swear by their 20-30yr old machine, on a daily basis. These vacs last!  

Aerus vacs that are 20 yrs old can be repaired and refurbished to work like new- I'd love to see a Dyson that's 5 yrs old and still works, forget about 10-20yrs, or try to fix one- better plan on buying a new one.

We have bags, filters, hoses etc...In stock. If we don't have it, we will get it ASAP!

We have a ZERO pressure sales policy on all things Aerus, unlike the Vacuum stores, we don't rely on selling/servicing vacs, we do it so our customers can have the convenience of going thru us, instead of making the trip to the other guys.

We also offer rug repairs of all types